Male Groom

Two private and beautiful old vaults have been brought back to life and now give a visit to the barbers a whole new experience. One vault is still as it was in 1885 complete with cage for gold bullion and cash from the ‘Belfast Banking Company’.

The key to a great man’s hair-cut is to make sure it looks great on him and hold’s it’s shape for a least 5 weeks. How you do this is by factoring in his head-shape, face shape, hair texture and growth patterns. We do this and that’s why they look good.

Male Groom Pricelist

Below are the prices associated with the Male Groom area.

Hair cut styling




Senior Stylist


Style Director


Andrew Mulvenna


The SCALP-LAB consultation, diagnosis and Cure

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Using amazing ‘tech’ our scalp expert with take micro images of the scalp, analyse and then diagnose your specific scalp issue. The Clarisonic exfoliation and buffering tool will remove the dead skin on the scalp and ‘open up’ the skin ready to be treated with the micro-particle air-brush to penetrate and treat the scalp. Amazing results, very gentle and relaxing.

The Scalp-lab Ritual


Hair colour placement / foiling

Touch colour




Grey blending

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10 minute discreet service at the wash basin- natural blending of grey hair for cool results.

Cover 5


Hair Rituals by Kerastase

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Visibly beautiful Hair in Minutes voted ‘the best in-salon treatment’ by Harpers Bazaar

Unlock the secret to visibly beautiful hair with a personalised ritual performed by your Kerastase hairdresser-consultant.

Our rituals act deep down to boost the effect of our hair care products. Applied with an expert massage, our treatments provide an intense soothing experience.

Each professional gesture is designed to offer a unique beauty experience in 3 steps : Bathe, Treat, Texturise.

Fusio-Dose Rituals [5 mins]


SmartFusio Ritual - its the treatment that everyone is buzzing about!!

£26 for regular lengths // £36 for extra long

Intense Scalp and Hair Masque Ritual [10 mins]