Stylist Adam joins L’Oreal Pro ID ARTIST Team

After a tough UK ‘X Factor Style’ competition (at the beginning of the summer) Adam has now joined L’Oreal Professional ID Artist Team 2018. For the next 2 years he will get exclusive access to learn from top industry icons and develop his hair skills on many platforms ; stage , video, runway.  Adam will join another AMH stylist Chris who achieved reaching the ID ARTIST 2017 team last year. 

“This is one of the industry’s best competitions  (if you are lucky enough to get through) in the world for young talented stylists to learn from your heros and have one of the the best experiences of you life! I was one of the first generation of ID Artists and it was truly amazing. It opened my eyes to what can be possible in your career as a hairdresser. I’ve been asked back to inspire the next generation too which was as incredible experience. Each year it goes from strength to strength and I am delighted we have had many stylists from the team get into it. As little a 30 people are picked from thousands.” Andrew Mulvenna


Back | Posted on 22.10.2018